Commercialising State-of-the-Art Wind Energy Assessments

DTU provides a state-of-the-art wind assessment tool and is looking for ways to commercialise its potential.

Solution: Evenflow worked with DTU researchers to set up the business case, assessing the product’s value proposition and possible business models. An extensive financial forecast model was built, including scenario analyses, and validated with various DTU stakeholders.

“We were thrilled with Evenflow’s support, we now have a clear view on the commercial potential and financial viability of our technology.” – Merete Badger, Senior Scientist at DTU

About DTU Wind and Energy Systems: DTU’s research spans the full spectrum of wind and energy systems. From investigating nanoscale structures to macro-scale atmospheric flow; from designing the turbines of tomorrow to the digital energy solutions of the future; from developing electric power systems to exploring more democratic processes for project planning. 

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