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Launching a business in the space sector is hard. So, we help you focus on what you do best: develop innovative, technically challenging solutions. Our team, in turn, supports all things commercial at every step of the journey. 

We work across the entire space value chain and all stages of development, providing support to early stage start-ups, SMEs, large satellite data providers, investors, industry associations and governmental institutions. Learn more about the services we provide and how our clients have benefited.

Not only do we better understand in which regions of the world our flood risk assessment tool can add most value, we know who to talk to: that's worth a lot.
Marco Folegani, Co-Founder of MEEO
We were thrilled with Evenflow's support, we now have a clear view on the commercial potential and financial viability of our technology.
Merete Badger, Senior Scientist at DTU
The identification of strategic B2B partners helped us to think of new ways in which we could expand our business and the funding opportunity screening gave us a better understanding of what kinds of funding we can pursue moving forward.
Alexia Massacand, Founder of MountaiNow
The analysis helped us to improve the way we approach market sizing and targeting.
Jan Labohý, Co-Founder of World From Space
Such analysis gave us a good starting point to approach new market segments.
Marnix Laanen, Director of Water Insight
The business plan produced by Evenflow, combining robust economic modelling with evidence-based solar energy potential forecasts, has helped our decision-making process in the effort to implement an off-site solar farm for the New Aswan Heart Centre in Egypt.
Sir Magdi Yacoub, Founder of the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation
Evenflow’s analysis helped exemplify and quantify the value that both Sentinel data and our added-value services can bring to the market.
Niels Wielaard, CEO of Satelligence

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