Strategic Partnership and Funding Support for Mountaineering App

MountaiNow wanted to further understand how they could expand their business through strategic partnerships and identify relevant future funding opportunities.

Solution: Evenflow produced a strategic partnership identification report and a funding opportunity screening. For the strategic partnership analysis, 18 potential suitable partners were identified along with definitions of mutual value propositions for partnerships with the highest potentials. Furthermore, a step by step partner engagement plan was outlined. For the funding opportunity screening, firstly, Switzerland’s participation eligibility in Horizon Europe was analysed (due to MountaiNow’s parent company being Swiss-based), then several relevant future Horizon Europe and ESA funding opportunities were identified.

“The identification of strategic B2B partners helped us to think of new ways in which we could expand our business and the funding opportunity screening gave us a better understanding of what kinds of funding we can pursue moving forward.” – Alexia Massacand, Founder of MountaiNow

About MountaiNow: MountaiNow is a collaborative platform for sharing mountain observations in real-time. Designed for use by the public, MountaiNow offers a live map of the latest mountain conditions and hazards (e.g. crevasses, rock falls) – to improve mountain safety and better adapt to climate change. The App is live for free on PlayStore, AppStore and the website on

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