Company Analysis and Valuation

Proven in deep tech, now tailored to space tech: in cooperation with Apollonian, an award winning financial advisory, we provide a space industry-specific company analysis and valuation service.

The analysis provides a 360-degree view of your company and has a strong focus on intellectual assets as value drivers. We create a valuation report compliant with International Private Equity and Venture Capital Valuation guidelines and US valuation standards such as 409a. In addition, we highlight your strengths and signal your weaknesses, creating a clear roadmap for your next growth stage so you know where to focus your resources in order to minimise risks and maximise value.

For space companies:

  • Accelerate the fundraising process by producing an extensive report used as your ‘investment package’ that you can share with investors
  • A fair value analysis will underpin your investment negotiations 
  • Use insights from the analysis to understand where to dedicate resources in the next stages of growth, enabling a clear roadmap to commercialisation and growth

For Investors: 

  • Use the service to improve deal flow management and due diligence
  • It enables accurate and standardised portfolio management

This service has helped raise €88.5m for deep tech companies in the last 12 months.

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