Murmuration Company Analysis and Valuation

Case: Murmuration is a green technology company in France offering data services to tourism stakeholders which allow them to quantify and monitor human impact on the environment. To achieve its goal of becoming a reference player in the domain of environmental quantification, the company is planning to raise private capital in the near term.

Solution: To support Murmuration in its first private fundraise, Evenflow was asked, together with its partner Apollonian, to provide an independent third-party assessment of the Company. This means looking into the business foundation, business and operating model, asset-base, financial profile and ultimately, the underlying value of Murmuration from multiple perspectives, to place Murmuration in the best possible negotiation position for their capital raise. Our service is designed to look at a company inside-out and outside-in, from individual building blocks to competitive advantages, and present the central findings and valuation in a meaningful package. The service specifically focussed on assessing and valuing intellectual assets, the company business model, and potential revenue streams, resulting in a Valuation Report compliant with International Private Equity and Venture Capital Valuation guidelines and US valuation standards such as 409a.

Quote: “We have reached out to Evenflow with the identified need to assess Murmuration’s performances as we get close to our 5th anniversary and closer to our first round of investment. We have ended up with an impressive and pertinent 360° view of our activities from human resources, IPR, and management to business development and strategic positioning. I have the firm intention to do this assessment with Evenflow regularly to make sure that we are on the right track.”, -Tarek Habib, CEO, Murmuration

About Murmuration: Murmuration utilises satellite observation data together with statistical data, in-situ measurements, and geolocated databases to offer precise and transparent information on the environmental state and tourism pressure at any location on the planet. It deploys its data and insight via a range of environmental indicators across key environmental themes including air, water, biodiversity, soil, and climate, which are aimed at supporting policymakers and local authorities in their decision- making and helping them to understand environmental conditions within their territories.

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