Quantifying the value of EO-based solutions for the sustainable sourcing of Palm Oil

Satelligence, a pioneering remote sensing company, has leveraged Sentinel data to create innovative services that support Bunge, a prominent player in the food industry. These services enable Bunge to ensure the palm oil they acquire from Malaysia and Indonesia originates from reliable and sustainable sources.

Solution: As part of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) “Sentinel Benefits Study,” Evenflow conducted a comprehensive analysis of the entire value chain to analyse the benefits associated with the use of Sentinel data. At every stage of the value chain, Evenflow investigated the economic, environmental, scientific, entrepreneurial, regulatory, and societal benefits, thereby constructing a comprehensive understanding of the generated real-world value.

Evenflow’s analysis helped exemplify and quantify the value that both Sentinel data and our added-value services can bring to the market.– Niels Wielaard, CEO of Satelligence

About Satelligence: Satelligence is a geospatial sustainability company. Their curated and verified insights on deforestation, supply chains, land degradation, and downstream scope 3 emissions make product journeys and investment portfolios sustainable, from tree to shelf.

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